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Our Self

The Man Behind The Mask

Wordman Company Limited was established in early 1997 by veteran New York copywriter and editor John Rofheart, who had spent the last ten years in Bangkok providing discerning publishers, advertising agencies, graphic houses and corporate clients with the high-caliber communications they needed to stay ahead in the international business world. As more and more Thai companies reached out to overseas markets, and the multinationals rushed into Thailand, the demand for this type of support proved to be great enough to warrant setting up a specialized full-service copywriting shop.

What Wordman Can Do For You

As the world gets smaller, communications has to get better to achieve a competitive edge, and Wordman can give you that edge. From print ads, sales letters and brochures to news releases, company profiles and annual reports, we provide the tightest copy in town and meet the tightest deadlines. And with our crack translation team, we can turn your award-winning Thai campaign into sparkling English practically overnight. But more than just beautiful writing, Wordman communications make things happen for clients. Whether you want to open new doors, generate more sales, or create a sharper corporate image, Wordman complements rather than competes with your marketing initiatives to keep you on the leading edge of world-class communications.

Getting Wordman On Your Team

Ad agencies rely on Wordman for sparkling print ads, billboards, posters and invitations; graphic houses call us when they need high-powered annual reports and profiles; production companies depend on us for cutting-edge multimedia scripts; and corporate clients know that we can meet all of their translation & copywriting needs from correspondence and speeches to direct mail. While some clients prefer to retain our services on a continuing basis for a small monthly fee, no job is too small to receive our uncompromising care and the followup required for total quality control. Whether by the job or by the month, Wordman is here to support your communications objectives. Just phone or email us with your requirements and we'll get back to you in minutes with a quotation and a deadline.