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The Journey of the Lotus

Rooted in the mud, it rises slowly through the water, allowing its scented flower to bask in the sunlight – reflecting the progression of the soul from the primeval mud of materialism, through the waters of experience, to the bright sunshine of enlightenment. As its flowers rise above the mud on long stalks, it remains pure, and as water slides effortlessly off its petals, it remains detached.

With its roots in the earth, its growth sustained by water, its leaves nourished by air, and its blooms made radiant by the fire of the sun, the lotus is the perfection of the fourfold order of the natural world. The emergence of a new flower from the earth-bound original is an act of transcendence in which a higher world is reached beyond our physical self.

Anantara Spa will take you on this journey with age-old relaxation and restoration techniques combined with aromatic nutrient-rich oils that refresh, revitalize and release the body, mind and spirit from the cares and constraints of the everyday world. We will take you to a place where trusted hands and ancient elixirs allow you to surrender to your own moment of bliss and rediscover the inner and outer beauty that has become clouded by life’s daily struggles.

Choose your own journey from our selection of luxuriously indulgent treatments and rituals, each designed to transport you beyond time and space to that wonderful and mystical place where the lotus lives.


The Bua Luang

The bua luang – or lotus – plays a central role the everyday lives of the Thai people and is held sacred for its close associations with Buddhism and Brahmanism. Not only is it the symbol of perpetual life, but of divinity, fertility, wealth, knowledge and enlightenment as well, and also represents purity of the heart and mind. An exceptionally beautiful plant with hauntingly fragrant flowers, the bua luang teaches us about personal growth, survival and triumph in the face of adversity. Following the example of the lotus, we are never disheartened as we progress on life’s journey, for we see that no matter how grey the sky, we can reach through it toward the sunshine of enlightenment, and no matter what we face, our soul can progress and we can attain wisdom.

At Anantara, you too will experience a haven of peace, tranquility and bliss where you can surrender to the universal harmony and emerge rejuvenated and revived.

Royal Thai Massage

Dating back more than 1,000 years, Thai massage has been influenced by numerous disciplines from Ayurvedic Medicine to Hatha Yoga, combined with the unfolding of understanding of the Chinese Meridians and the indigenous practices of the Thai people. The ancient art combines pressure point, stretching and bending techniques in perfect balance to reduce stress, relieve muscle soreness, and release blocked energy, while harmonizing and invigorating the body, mind and spirit. Just as the lotus unfolds, so too will you. Conducted in a meditative environment, your therapist uses fingers, thumbs, elbows, arms and feet to apply passive stretching techniques and gentle acupressure along the energy lines, freeing the flow of your body’s internal prana and transporting you to that elusive place where perfect peace resides.

Passage to Siam

It has been said that “the spirit of the best of men is spotless, like the lotus in the muddy water which does not adhere to it.” Travel back in time to 16th century Ayutthaya and immerse yourself in the rituals of old Siam to rediscover your inner strength, vigor and beauty. This comprehensive treatment begins with a traditional Thai Tamarind Body Blast that uses the tamarind fruit, known for its detoxifying qualities, to scrub and polish the skin, leaving it supple and smooth. This is followed by a Thai Herbal Compress massage that will give you a taste of how wartime soldiers in the ancient capital used to relieve the tension from their aching muscles. To complete the journey, you will discover the traditional secrets of Thai beauty with a Thai Herbal Facial, in which an ancient blend of plant extracts is applied to nourish and hydrate the skin. It is a passage that ultimately leads to that wonderful place where inner and outer beauty glow in perfect harmony.

Romantic Floral Hideaway – For Couples

The red lotus signifies love, compassion and all the beautiful qualities of the heart. Make it a special occasion with your loved one and retreat to this special hideaway created just for the two of you where an array of floral delights await. Begin with our stimulating senses scrub for glowing, revitalized skin. Let the scented milky bath refresh and relax you before and aromatic oil massage enlivens and rejuvenates your heart. For a final touch, the floral facial, tailored to your skin type, will leave you looking and feeling irresistible.

White Sand Compress

Just as the shadow of a solar eclipse has a ‘power-down’ effect on the earth, allowing it to release centuries of blocked energies, this ancient Thai massage uses a traditional compress to blot out bad energy and sluggishness, methodically soothing away muscle tension and stiffness in various areas of the body. This healing session begins with the application of a warm white sand poultice containing a variety of therapeutic Thai herbs and spices, followed by a full body massage with carefully selected herbal oils.


The therapeutic virtues of seawater and seaweed are renowned for their power to oxygenate, tone, moisturize and revitalize the skin and body, and it has long been known that tea is a healing elixir. Rich in vitamins, this ancient treatment will cleanse, detoxify, restore and revive body and skin tone as well as mental and physical acuity with a perfect blend nourishing Eastern plant extracts and traditional Western therapeutic massage to comfort tight muscles and calm tension, especially around the upper back, neck and shoulder areas, utilizing the dynamics of acupressure and deep-tissue elbow massage


Allow the delights of this specially blended warm and soothing floral foot bath to seep throughout all your senses, then settle into a traditional Thai massage, renowned around the world as the ultimate sublime body workout, with its careful attention to pressure points and stretching techniques to release tension and increase vitality and flexibility. Then discover all of Thailand’s legendary beauty secrets with our ancient Thai recipe of nourishing plant extracts to hydrate the skin and reveal your youthful glow.


Bua Sattaban

The bua sattaban holds a sacred place in Indian culture, representing in art and mythology all that is positive and good. Like the ever-changing lotus, our body treatments are designed to be exactly what you need them to be – when you need them. Removing the natural buildup of dead skin cells, these therapies work beneath the surface to rehydrate, balance, detoxify and revitalize the skin. Whichever you choose, you will experience a brightening of the skin that you will come to recognize as your natural glow.

Sustainability Report, AIS

Focus Area 3: People

Growing our people with their strengths

As the world continues to face increasing social and environmental challenges, today’s leaders are confronted with a far broader set of challenges than ever before. To ensure that our success carries on into this uncertain future, it is critical that we build “visionary” leaders – integrated thinkers and deft collaborators who are highly adaptive to people and situations. These leaders should also embody our brand character – and inspire others to do the same.

As a service provider, our employees are our most important asset in delivering quality service to customers, as well as meeting the sustainability goals driven by our leaders. We want our people to have opportunities to receive constant, relevant training and development, in order to keep up in a rapidly changing world, while at the same time reaching continually higher levels of career – and personal – satisfaction. It is also important to us that they feel engaged and happy while doing so.

The road ahead

Employees need to be continually nurtured and offered learning and developmental opportunities. At AIS, we are committed to continually providing best-in-class human resource development that takes care of our people – from the selection of talented recruits, to engaging with employees and developing them personally and professionally, to rewarding and recognizing talent and creating leaders.

IT Meets HR

Because we maintain technical and customer service departments in every region of the country, it was a natural step to adapt information technology to support our human resources initiatives in the form of Electronic Human Resource (eHR) management that increases the capacity and efficiency of accessing employee information and enhances flexibility and responsiveness.

With eHR, employees can manage their own personnel files (Employee Self-Service), viewing or changing personal information, and the system is able to respond to these changes immediately (Real Time Accuracy), for example, approving certifications, annual leaves and applications for training seminars (Training Online), determining salaries (Pay Slip Online), processing requests for certificates of employment (Employee Reference Letters), and determining benefits and welfare (Personal Welfare).

In the future, we will further develop these eHR applications, allowing employees to access information from their mobile phones, smart phones and tablets, and incorporate such advanced tools as Virtual HR Office. This not only allows us to better manage our human capital, but reduces costs too.

Newsletter Story, Bangkok Hospital

The Heart in Medicine

The heart is an incredibly powerful organ – it works constantly without ever pausing to rest, it is made of cardiac muscle, which only exists in the heart and, unlike other types of muscle, it never gets tired.

The Chambers of the Heart

Sitting there between our lungs, the heart, grapefruit-sized and cone-shaped, pumps oxygen-rich blood throughout the body and oxygen-poor blood to the lungs. It is divided into four hollow chambers. The upper two chambers are called atria. They are joined to two lower chambers called ventricles. These are the pumps. One-way valves between the chambers keep the blood flowing through our heart in the right direction. As blood flows through a valve from one chamber into another, the valve closes, preventing the blood from flowing backwards. As the valves snap shut, they make a thumping sound. That is our heartbeat.

Double-Pump Action

Blood carries oxygen and many other substances around the body. Oxygen from the blood reacts with sugar in the cells to make energy. The waste product of this process, carbon dioxide, is carried away from the cells in our blood.

The heart is a single organ, but it acts as a double pump. The first carries oxygen-poor blood to the lungs, where it unloads carbon dioxide and picks up oxygen. It then delivers oxygen-rich blood back to the heart. The second delivers oxygen-rich blood to every part of the body. Blood needing more oxygen is sent back to the heart to begin the cycle again. In one day our heart transports all our blood around our body about a thousand times.

The right ventricle pumps blood to the lungs and the left ventricle pumps blood all around our body. The muscular walls of the left ventricle are thicker than those of the right ventricle, making it a much more powerful pump. For this reason, it is easiest to feel our heart beating on the left side of our chest.

A Built-In Pacemaker

Unlike skeletal muscle cells that need to be stimulated by nerve impulses to contract, cardiac muscle cells can contract all by themselves. However, if left to their own devices, cardiac muscle cells in different areas of the heart would beat at different rates – muscle cells in our ventricles would beat more slowly than those in our atria. Without some kind of unifying function, our heart would be an inefficient, uncoordinated pump. This is why it has a tiny group of cells known as the sinoatrial node that is responsible for coordinating heartbeat rate across the heart, starting each heartbeat and setting the pace for the whole heart.

Damage to the sinoatrial node can result in a slower heart rate. When this occurs, an operation is often performed to install an artificial pacemaker, which takes over its role.

Heart Rate

Without nervous system control, our heart would beat about 100 times a minute. However, when we are relaxed, our parasympathetic nervous system sets a resting heartbeat rate of about 70 beats a minute, (resting heart rate is usually between 72-80 beats a minute in women and 64-72 beats a minute in men). When we exercise or feel anxious, our heart beats more quickly, increasing the flow of oxygenated blood to the muscles. This is triggered by our sympathetic nervous system. Our heart rate also increases in response to hormones like adrenalin. On average, the maximum heart rate is 220 beats a minute minus our age – a 40-year-old would have a maximum heart rate of 180 beats a minute.

Oxygen Supply to the Heart

Although the heart is continually filled with blood, this blood doesn’t provide the heart with oxygen. The blood supply that provides oxygen and nutrients to the heart is provided by blood vessels that wrap around the outside of the heart. Now you know – please read the rest of this eNews and learn how to keep this incredible organ healthy.

Newsletter Story, Bangkok Hospital

The Heart in Culture

What the traditional heart shape actually depicts is a matter of some controversy, but it certainly looks very little like the human heart.

The heart has long symbolized our spiritual, emotional and moral core. As it was once widely believed to be the seat of our mind as well, the word ‘heart’ continues to be used poetically to refer to the soul, and various depictions of hearts are used as symbols of love.

In religious texts, the heart has always had a great deal of mystical significance, and many classical philosophers and scientists, including Aristotle, considered it to be the seat of thought, reason and emotion, and gave little consideration to the brain.

In traditional European art and folklore, the heart symbol is drawn in the stylized shape we have all come to recognize. Usually colored red, suggesting both blood and, in many cultures, passion and strong emotion, the heart has constituted one of the red suits in most playing card decks since the 15th century. The shape is particularly associated with romantic love, and this time of year it is hard to find a Valentine’s Day card or a candy box without one. The seed of the silphium plant, used in ancient times as an herbal contraceptive, has been suggested as the source of the heart symbol, and looks very much like the shape we have become familiar with.

Then there are those who believe that the heart symbol is a depiction of features of the female body, such as the buttocks, pubic mound or vulva. Some people are convinced that the Valentine heart-shape as we know it today was created by a doodler to represent the female bottom, a torso with well-endowed breasts, or the imprint of lips, complete with lipstick, drawn on a piece of paper. The heart can be whatever you want it to be.

A heart, either red or pink, with an arrow piercing it, is the most common Valentine shape and may be found on everything from candles and figurines to candies, cookies and cakes. It is believed that, as the heart is a symbol of both love and vulnerability, when we send someone a Valentine, we take the risk of being rejected and getting our feelings hurt. This led to the piercing arrow, a symbol of death and the vulnerability of love – or perhaps a symbol of the merging of the male and female as one. Again, it is whatever you want it to be.

In the early 1800s, young American and British men wore slips of paper pinned to their sleeves for several days with their girlfriend’s name written on them, from which we got the expression ‘wearing your heart on your sleeve’. Cupid – the Roman God of Love – is also everywhere around Valentne’s Day. While he started out as a young man with a bow and arrows, over the years Cupid transformed from a dashing young man to a pudgy baby. To the Romans Cupid was the son of Venus – the Goddess of Love and Beauty – and the symbol of passionate, playful and tender love. His transformation from Roman Adonis to chubby little baby occurred during the Victorian era in an attempt to make Valentine’s Day more G-rated for women and children.

Flowers were considered to be tokens of love long before there even was a Valentine’s Day. The Roman God Bacchus – the God of Wine and Joy – and Venus – the Goddess of Love and Beauty – both considered the beauty and fragrance of flowers to be tied with love and romance. But since the time of Solomon, the flower most linked to romance has been the rose. Cleopatra is said to have covered her floor with roses before receiving Mark Anthony.

One Roman story that could explain the power of roses is that Cupid was carrying a vase of sweet nectar to the gods on Mount Olympus and spilled it on the ground – and from that spot of spilled nectar, roses grew.

Guest Services Directory, Attractions, Renaissance Bangkok Ratchaprasong Hotel

On the Town

Welcome to the City of Angels

Bangkok is not for the faint of heart, but those who thrive on discovery and adventure, arts and culture, fascinating day trips and extraordinary nightlife will find that every step they take in the City of Angels is rewarded with an exuberance not found anywhere else in the world. We strongly recommend that you take the time and take the plunge into our exotic, frenetic, addictive and breathtaking city – and promise that your journey will be unforgettable. Should you desire a bit of insider information before you set out, please stop by the Concierge Desk in the lobby.

The Temple of the Emerald Buddha and the Grand Palace

The Temple of the Emerald Buddha (Wat Phra Kaew) and the adjoining Grand Palace together form what is perhaps the city’s most extraordinary spectacle with more than a hundred brightly colored buildings, golden spires and glittering mosaics that date back to 1782, the year Bangkok was founded. The bad news is that the skytrain and subway don’t go there; the good news is that you get to take a river boat! The Concierge Desk in the lobby will explain how to easy it is to get to the pier on the skytrain.

Wat Arun

If you’d taken the Express Boat to Tha Chang Pier for your trip to the Grand Palace like we told you to, you would have passed Wat Arun on the left bank of the river and could strike it off your list. This time you’ll be getting off at Tha Tien Pier, one stop before Tha Chang. The famous Temple of the Dawn, as it is generally called, is one of the best known landmarks in the city and briefly hosted the Emerald Buddha, which you have already seen at Wat Phra Kaew. The truth of the matter is that this temple, which sparkles in the sunlight, really looks better from a distance than up close, and your view from the boat will probably suffice. You didn’t hear that from us, however.

Gaysorn Plaza

Those with a weakness for “the newest, hippest, and hottest trend-setting collections from around the world” will find just that – at a price – mere steps from the hotel. Aspirational shoppers, however, are advised to take the skytrain to Sala Daeng station and walk up Silom Road, which is lined with knockoffs of the same products.

Central World

Another brief stroll on the skybridge will take you to “Bangkok’s Largest Lifestyle Shopping Complex” from which you may not emerge until long after sunset. Central World is the group’s response to upscale competitors Emporium Shopping Complex and Siam Paragon and, with its 500+ shops and 50+ restaurants, you may want to secure the services of a designer guide to keep you from getting lost. Please inquire at the Concierge Desk in the lobby.

Pantip Plaza

Slightly less accessible but absolutely not-to-be-missed is the notorious IT mall known as Pantip Plaza, where hundreds of small shops offer new and used desktops and laptops, cameras, accessories, peripherals, parts, repairs and modifications. However, it is the counterfeit software that has made the place famous, and prices of pirated programs and games range from three to ten dollars. Digital cameras, printers, computers and other electronics are also significantly cheaper than they are in the west, but factory seconds and refurbished products are prevalent and your new toy may have a scratch or a nick. Take the skytrain to Ratchathewi station, from which Pantip is a ten-minute walk or a short taxi ride from the hotel if it’s not rush-hour.

Chatuchak Weekend Market

Before there was a skytrain or a subway, a trip to Chatuchak was more than worth the effort; now that it’s so easy to reach, there’s no excuse for not spending a day at the country’s biggest market with its 30+ acres lined with some 10,000 shops and stalls selling everything from household items, clothing, religious artifacts and collectibles to illegal endangered animals. It’s an excellent place to buy Thai handicrafts, but most of the “antiques” were probably made last week. It’s crowded, hot, bizarre, exciting, and a one-stop-till-you-drop shop where you can buy enough souvenirs to last a lifetime and ship them home on the spot from one of the international courier booths. A huge selection of food and drink stalls will keep your body going, and the bargaining game, which you are expected to play, will keep your wits about you – bring lots of small bills.

Guest Services Directory, F&B, Renaissance Bangkok Ratchaprasong Hotel


For breakfast, lunch and dinner and everything in-between, treat your taste buds to the personal attention they’ve been longing for and your spirit to a sanctuary of muted green and stone filled with natural light by day yet intimate and candlelit by night – all enveloped by the vast open kitchen with its wok, tandoor, steam & noodle, wood-fired oven, sauté, sushi and seafood zones. The elegantly sculpted buffet with its abundance of condiments beckons guests to take their time as they create their own perfect mix of flavors with freshly cut organic and local herbs and greens. At breakfast time, a large glass of freshly squeezed juice is the perfect accompaniment, while distinctly flavored iced teas like ginger peach are preferred at lunch, and 18 wines by the glass are on offer in the evening. All the while, unobtrusive yet expert servers and imaginative music are in the background, quietly assuring that guests emerge from this dramatic dining experience calling for an encore.

R Bar

Morning, noon and night, the hotel’s lobby lounge with its upscale Asian décor invites you to gather and relax in its stately residential ambience as it transforms from casual breakfast venue to smart on-the-go luncheon spot to wine and tapas bar. In the mornings, simple breakfasts like Bacon & Egg Panini are served straight from the signature wood-fired oven, followed by gourmet pizza later in the day.

Meanwhile, a large press sits proudly on the counter, its Pata Negra ham poised to be sliced onto some freshly baked bread and savored with complimentary olives, mushrooms and peppers. An abundance of designer coffees and teas, fresh juices and smoothies, as well as a vast selection of great waters and wines of the world, enhances your deliciously light fare and your gathering, and the mellow resident DJ knows how to mix tunes for a crowd without cramping the conversation.

Fei Ya

T his sleek Chinese restaurant is about more than just luxurious dining. Duck takes center stage here – incredibly delicious duck. The lean, crispy, juicy Peking Duck is the main attraction but the barbecue chef has also redefined tenderness with his Char Sui Pork, and the variety of Cantonese dishes delights our local Thai audience. A superb selection of live seafood completes the libretto of this classic Chinese opera.

The set, with its understated Chinese motifs, dark polished hardwood floors and distinctive hand-blown red glass ducks, reflects a reverence for the arts. The tea bar with its dramatic displays stocks more than 30 varieties including some of the most exquisite and expensive teas in the city, all served in an array of pots that add a touch of whimsy to the drama choreographed by the Tea Master. Fei Ya’s signature wine list offers no fewer than 101 varieties awaiting to be paired and savored with the duck, and like all Renaissance restaurants, the service is well rehearsed and performed by a nimble cast and crew.

La Tavola

It’s all about sharing at this upscale Italian restaurant and wine bar: sharing Italy’s heritage of what is perhaps the world’s best-loved cuisine, sharing the chef’s passion for home-made pasta, and sharing the discovery with family and friends. The food – authentic and uncomplicated – includes 25 varieties of pasta awaiting your favorite sauce. At center stage, however, is the wood-fired oven next to the antipasti table, which turns out much more than pizza.

Appetizers like wood-baked vegetables, tomato & red onion salad with grilled sardines and delectably wholesome soups might be followed by a whole roast lemon sage chicken – a favorite family-style share dish – with baked amaretto peaches for the group’s dessert. Italian wine dominates the list, and most varieties are served by the glass. As for your after-dinner coffee, here you will find the best in the city, so enjoy a cup with a limoncello – the chef’s other passion.

Studio R & Bytes

Picture your team in an 11-room Park Avenue apartment with a fine hardwood boardroom table, fully stocked open kitchen complete with wine fridge, and living room with invitingly soft sofas and arm chairs from which to break away and explore the LCD TVs, five-speaker surround sound, retractable overhead projector and drop down screen, DVD players, and multiple internet connections while business hostesses handle support tasks and serve tea and coffee.

Just like home, the shelves are stacked with cookie jars, and the fridges brim with chocolate bars, fresh fruit, bottled beverages and other chilled snacks, while mounted wall ovens are at the ready and hot food is presented throughout the day. Here, guests set their own pace, recharging between meetings among the artifacts and coffee-table books of this elegant residential retreat. If you see a distinctly productive and eminently memorable team gathering taking place, then you clearly get the picture.

Poster, JW Marriott Phuket Resort & Spa

Don't Run Scared . . . Run to the Halloween Fearfest!

It's not every day that landlubbers can get into a salty scuffle with the scrofulous pirates of the Andaman, ghosts, ghouls and vampires, so we've scared up some of the most wretched creatures and intoxicating concoctions this side of the moon just for Halloween. Yaarrrr!

Heineken Beer Park Accessories


We've got the food . . . to put you in the mood.
A snack with some beers has no peers.
If you can say Heineken you can say Hi.
Love is in the air . . . not on the menu.


Say something nice and break the ice.
Don't ask why . . . just say Hi!
Beer is here (why aren't you over there?)
Nothing melts the ice like a beer.


Meet, greet and eat . . . but stay on your feet.
Hot nights + cold beers = warm memories.
ENGLISH WIDELY SPOKEN (after third beer).
Don't speak the language? Say Hi to your new teacher.

Manager Magazine - Mini-Vac Subscription Promotion



Brand Name: A New Hardware Line



Technology That Works.

Billboard: M-150


Store Name: A New High-Tech Retail Chain




The level of a nation's civilization is not measured by its material wealth but by the depth of its creativity reflected in the ideas, designs, shapes and colors of its artistic heritage; that uniquely Thai fine art with its hallmarks of gracious elegance and high ideals makes us all worthy of the word 'civilized'.

Calendar: Ocean Property

Ocean Marina Yacht Club, on Jomtien Beach, is Thailand's premier yacht club and the largest international-class marina in Asia. Nestled amidst mountains, beaches and the sea, the five-star hotel, club, marina and residential towers offer the ultimate in luxury, elegance, privacy and facilities to the international sailing and yachting fraternity.

Asara Villa & Suite Hua Hin, on private Prachuab Khirikhan beach, offers beachfront pool villas and suites in an intimate tropical garden setting. Designed for ultimate comfort and privacy, the cares if the world float away in this bit of paradise located only a short two-hour drive from Bangkok.

Ocean Villas Hua Hin is a premium pool villa offering the tranquil Hua Hin lifestyle in an elegant Victorian setting. With only 18 villas in this exclusive community adjacent to Asara Villa & Suite, its five-star hotel services and convenient location make this a beachfront retreat for the most discerning.

New Year's Card


May you have wealth and land in profusion,
Longevity and wide acclaim,
And your unexpected good fortune,
Bring perennial joy and fame.


May the secret meaning of flowers,
The symbols of love and caring,
Be revealed to you in the New Year,
A splendid time for sharing.


At this most auspicious time,
May your every dream come true,
Just close your eyes and think of it,
That is all you need to do.

Invitation: To the Chairman's Sixties-Style Staff Party


Set sail for the future where new worlds await. Dine and dance and drink to the crew that will steer us through the uncharted waters ahead.
Relive a bit of the past together and marvel at how far we've already come.


Dear Commercial Councillor:


The world has changed since 1922 when International Engineering Company was founded to build a railroad line from Bangkok to Cambodia.

The most significant transformation of this seventy-two years has undoubtedly been the shift of the world's economic engine from the West to the East, and the unprecedented prosperity that is being enjoyed today throughout the Asia-Pacific region - perhaps most visibly in Thailand.

You've no doubt been considering a launch into the dynamic marketplace that is Thailand and Indochina - perhaps you simply haven't made the right connection. IEC is always on the lookout for top-quality products, and we'd like to make ourselves available to you as a partner in our region's prosperity. So why not drop us a note, and let experience be your guide?

We look forward to hearing from you.

Yours truly,

Poster: Privilege Card


The choice is simple:

With immediate discount privileges on every purchase of Polo Ralph Lauren, G2000, Theme or U2, plus a good deal more membership privileges, the Privilege Card makes shopping more fun for every member of the family.

Media Kit: Manager Magazine


When Manager was launched in 1989, it aimed to provide Thailand's increasingly savvy business class with a publication they could count on to be factual, forthright and fearless - a monthly source of insider intelligence that cut through their overloaded information channels and went straight to the heart of the story.

It also strived, by example, to elevate periodical publishing in Thailand. A progressive recruitment policy opened the door to the best and the brightest among both local and overseas journalists. Rigorous fact-checking brought credibility, painstaking editing a whole new level of readability. And a fresh layout by one of the world's foremost publication designers placed Manager in a class with the most visually striking international magazines.

Backed by the formidable resources of The Manager Group, this is the magazine successful people turn to for informed and impartial coverage of the region's diverse investment and lifestyle opportunities. To advertisers, it represents an unparalleled opportunity to reach those at the top of the country's business class.

Corporate Identity Manual: UTV


Welcome to the World of UTV

This style manual will provide you with a comprehensive understanding of the unique identity, artistic rationale and graphic design of the words UTV CABLE NETWORK.

Each chapter features guidelines - along with illustrative examples - for correctly displaying the UTV logotype and selecting type faces and other elements of design in the preparation of advertising media and presentation materials.

Please familiarize yourself with this guide so that you will fully comprehend the content and the style utilized in UTV communications and be able to achieve it consistently and uniformly in all UTV media.

Sales Letter: Freelance Copy Writing Services

Dear Creative Director,


In this fast-track city, where anyone can become a foreign correspondent overnight, there are a handful of professionals who bring to their work decades of dedication & experience. One among them - who has taken the safe route of aligning himself with a large & powerful organization for years - is now becoming available to agencies, graphic studios and marketers that require creative, literate solutions to their translation & copy writing needs.

Henceforth ordaining himself free of traffic, floods and office politics, this corporate refugee envisions a simple but lucrative middle age in his home office far from the madding crowd.

Why not give him a shot? Surely there's a layout sitting on your desk right now that's just begging for some sparkling copy.

Best wishes, Wordman

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