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Royal Forestry Department


At planting time, the men of this hilltribe village have to leave their homes early in the morning to "feed the spirits", an age-old ritual based on the belief that the spirits will protect their rice crop and increase the wealth to come from the harvest.

Chicken feathers and meat are prepared as an offering to the field spirits that reside in a miniature spirit house and are known locally as Pha Soom, Khoom Phee and Spirits of the Field.

The Rite of Harvest Wealth reflects the way of life of the hilltribes of Northern Thailand who have relied on the hand of nature for centuries

But through generations of reliance on the goodness of nature and the powers of the spirits, they were never encouraged to develop the sustainable means to earn an adequate living.

The Osotspa Group of Companies

Into the Asia-Pacific Century


In a rapidly shrinking world, where the march of information technology allows businesses in every country to communicate increasingly faster and more reliably, a new age of borderless cooperation has dawned.

This ease of exchanging information and expertise, and the benefits to be derived from it, has led to the seemingly daily announcements of new strategic partnerships and alliances from every corner of the globe.

Padaeng Industry PLC

Zinc in its various forms inevitably touches everyone's daily lives. Cosmetics, medicines and automobile tires contain it in the form of zinc oxide. Zinc-plated galvanized steel is strengthened and protected from rust. Brass - an alloy of zinc and copper - is widely used in the production of musical instruments and home furnishings. Machine, auto and toy parts are made of zinc alloy for its ease of machining.

With a view to meeting the increasing demand for zinc by industry, Padaeng Industry Public Company Limited was established in 1981 by parties from Thailand's public and private sectors in cooperation with Belgian partners. Today the company remains the only zinc smelter in Southeast Asia.

Commerce Ministry


Trade - buying and selling the things that people want - is a major force the world over.

Historical records show that Thailand has been engaged in free trade since the period of the Sukhothai Dynasty.

Trade in Thailand began within the village, and gradually developed between neighboring communities. Later, Thailand expanded its trading activities to the countries in the west.

Trade in Thailand began within the village, and gradually developed between neighboring communities. Later, Thailand expanded its trading activities to the countries in the west.

Cooperative Auditing Department

It was a time of scarce arable land, plummeting crop prices and an endless cycle of debt. This had been the plight of the Thai farmer for as long as anyone could remember, and so it seemed destined to remain forever.

In his vision and wisdom, Prince Pitayalongkorn was aware of the limitless potential for good that results from people banding together for a common cause. In 1916, he set up the country's first cooperative and called it Wat Chan Cooperative with Unlimited Credit. Today, it is known simply as Wat Chan Cooperative Limited.

But all of the positive efforts of the members of the cooperative were not enough to raise the farmers out of the depths of poverty without sound financial management.

Kung Krabaen Bay

It is the unique coastline of Kung Krabaen Bay that sets it apart; with its still waters, it is a rare sight to see the waves crashing against the shore.

Kung Krabaen Bay is a semi-enclosed bay with an estuary that measures only 650 meters across, so there is hardly any monsoon here. During the monsoon season, only the wind blows, bringing an influx of the small and young marine life for which the bay is a natural habitat.

For this reason, Kung Krabaen Bay was once considered to be one of the most ideal locations along the eastern coastline for natural aquaculture.

But over time, the fertile soil and water resources have vanished from Kung Krabaen Bay.

And today Kung Krabaen Bay has become a battleground for these precious natural resources. It is a daunting struggle, and whether human beings will emerge victorious is still uncertain.

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