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Bangkok Hospital Medical Center

Bangkok Hospital Medical Center (BMC) is one of the most technologically sophisticated hospitals in the world today. Located in Bangkok, Thailand, BMC is an expansive state-of-the-art medical campus providing comprehensive medical care through multidisciplinary teams of highly trained specialists. With its four hospitals and broad range of specialized clinics, BMC is equipped with all of the diagnostic and treatment facilities not generally available at local hospitals. The center has received Joint Commission International accreditation and is well-known known throughout the world for delivering world-class, award-winning healthcare.

The flagship of Thailand’s largest hospital group, BMC has more than 650 full-time and consulting physicians, 650 nurses, and numerous teams of support technicians and specialists. We are proud that many of our internationally trained and certified physicians have returned to their homeland committed to improving the quality of national healthcare through advanced treatments and procedures.

We have also set new standards in patient-focused care at BMC, based on our belief that the personalized attention of our doctors, nurses and staff is integral to providing the highest quality medical care.

Our expansive medical campus offers virtually every amenity imaginable, from concierge services and luxury accommodation, to translation and visa assistance, shopping and dining, ensuring that every patient’s stay is a comfortable one.

More than 2,200 patients arrive at Bangkok Hospital Medical Center each day, and the center of activity is Bangkok General Hospital. Over the years, our main 16-story, 403-bed facility has evolved from a traditional hospital to become a vital center of discovery and innovation. Today, we are home to more than 20 specialized centers, covering almost every area of expertise, and supported with comprehensive emergency and ambulatory services.

Each of our clinics takes full advantage of the most sophisticated medical advancements to achieve the highest quality of patient care, and through our streamlined patient management system, we have been able to reduce waiting time to nearly zero. This, combined with our excellent record of successful treatment and renowned hospitality and service, has made BGH the preferred healthcare provider for more than 3.4 million patients from 160 countries.

Respect for diversity has always been a cornerstone of Bangkok International Hospital. Situated adjacent to Wattanosoth Cancer Hospital, BIH extends a multicultural welcome to the thousands of patients who arrive to our facility each year from overseas and offers a host of personalized services for their comfort and peace of mind, from translation and immigration assistance to all of the amenities expected of a top-class facility.

Year after year, we have consistently received high marks in patient satisfaction, and the results of our international healthcare program have shown that attending to patients’ needs leads to healthier, happier patients, faster recovery and discharge rates, and ultimately less costly hospital stays. Through the quality of our medical services and our responsiveness to cultural diversity, we are transforming the world of medicine.

Petroleum Authority of Thailand



The world as it races toward the year 2000 has embarked on a revolution unprecedented in scope. Globalization has given competition a whole new edge, as information travels at the speed of light to those with the vision and the acumen to keep up. In this scenario, the passive organization can only surrender, while the organization that anticipates the challenges ahead, and confidently adapts and improves, will emerge victorious.


The Petroleum Authority of Thailand (PTT) was originally established to manage a fully integrated domestic petroleum business and oversee the nation's course of sustainable energy development. From the beginning, a consistent policy of advancement has enabled the organization to adapt efficiently to change both on the domestic and international fronts.

The Mitr Phol Group


Thailand's cane and sugar industry has roots that go back as far as the Sukhothai Period in the 13th and 14th centuries, when brown sugar was first produced from cane, and it has been growing steadily ever since. Today, Thailand is one of the top three sugar exporters in the world, and the industry is widely recognized for the vital role it plays in the economy of the nation.

The Mitr Phol Group has been distinguished as one of Thailand's largest and most progressive producers and exporters of sugar for nearly fifty years, during which time it has played a leading role in developing the industry domestically, at the same time taking calculated steps into the international marketplace.

Most gratifying, however, has been the realization of the group's primary goal of improving the quality of life of the Thai sugarcane farmer and ensuring a brighter future for our rural children, which in turn has meant engendering in all our fellows a hearty respect for the earth that sustains us.



In the old days, recalls Chatchawan Sethaburth, CPAC's Marketing Manager for the past dozen years, this was where senior Siam Cement management was sent to wind down in their golden years, with a brief to toe the company line and maintain the status quo.

For a long time, life was easy at CPAC Ready Mixed Concrete Company. To begin with, its parent is the Siam Cement Group. Established by Royal Decree in 1913, the country's biggest conglomerate today has interests in everything from construction materials, iron and steel, ceramics, metal and electrical products and machinery, to tires and auto accessories, petrochemicals, paper and packaging, marketing and trading.

Thai Ultimate Car




Thai Ultimate Car Company Limited was established in early 1992 by the Phaoenchoke family, founders of the venerable Thai Rung Union Car Group, to serve as exclusive importer and distributor of Rover and Land Rover vehicles in Thailand. With a quarter century of automotive experience behind it, the company was well positioned to cater to the increasingly refined tastes of the Thai consumer.

Today, Thai Ultimate Car is a fully integrated automotive company that applies traditional values and advanced technology to an operation that extends from import to marketing, promotion, distribution, sales, parts, financing and - most important - service. Never diverting its gaze from the finish line, the company is poised to take the leading position at the high end of the European car market.

Manager Radio


Continuing along the logical progression from monthly to weekly to daily to nationwide, regional and international, there is no place left to go but up, and the Group's next step was inevitably into the airwaves. Thus, Manager Radio sprang to life on the eve of 8 April 1994 with a report on the historic opening of the Thai-Lao Friendship Bridge. Holding a concession from the Mass Communications Organization of Thailand, Manager Radio broadcasts daily from 5am to 7pm at a frequency of 97.5FM.

The TOA Group


The companies in the TOA Group are owned and operated by leading Thai business people and industrialists, men and women on the front lines of the country's development for the past thirty years. Having attained market leadership in the paint industry, the group set out to expand into construction materials, chemicals and petrochemicals, and the automotive sector.

In order to further solidify its position as a leading conglomerate, and to widen the range of products available to the country's increasingly sophisticated consumers, the group has formed strategic alliances with leading high-tech industrial corporations in Japan, the United States and Europe, in a series of joint-venture partnerships that have enabled it to considerably increase its investment not just in Thailand, but in such neighboring high-growth markets as China, Vietnam, Myanmar and Malaysia. The resulting recognition of Thailand as a major regional player and TOA executives as world-class managers has been corroborated by the economic benefits derived both by the national economy and the companies involved.

Greensville Company Limited


It is possible that you are not familiar with Greensville, as our role over the course of a decade has remained behind the scenes of some of the most successful consumer products on the market.

Greensville is a leading contract manufacturer of beauty, personal care and baby products for companies, retail stores and organizations that demand the most rigorous standards of environmentally friendly manufacturing technology, customer service and support, strong financial and human resources and business ethics.

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